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Stemoxydene As A Treatment For Hair Loss

This is a question that’s been posed several times. So what is Stemoxydene?

It is a Prolyl 4 hydroxylase competitive inhibitor. Now, that’s a real mouthful! In essence, if we look at the hair cycle, it’s divided into various phases: anagen, telogen, and catagen. What happens is that as a hair grows, it grows from anywhere between three to five years, and for most men, it will then fall out as per the normal life cycle of that hair. Then there’s a period of dormancy between that point where the original hair falls out, and the new hair that’s beneath it starts to grow again and emerges in its place. This phase is called Kenogen and is not something that is commonly talked about. In essence, what Stemoxydene does is that we think that it shortens that kenogen phase. Kenogen normally lasts for 3-4 months, so if this period of time is reduced, what that means is that there is less time between hair shedding and the new hair coming through.

Now with regards to how effective it is, well, there’s not a lot of data. Studies done are very limited and have small numbers, and to be fair, haven’t been conclusive.