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Body Hair Transplant


Body Hair Transplant Treatment

At Atlantis Medical, we offer advanced procedures for body hair transplants that can enable you to transform your appearance. Body hair transplant is gaining popularity and involves harvesting hair from the body and transplanting it to the scalp. The procedure makes the ideal option for people who do not have enough scalp donor hair. If the balding area is large and the donor area is limited, it is possible to choose a body hair transplant. However, the experience and expertise of the doctor are important as the body hair is different from the scalp hair. The follicles lie deeper, and the angle of the hair is also different. At Atlantis Medical, we will explain the procedure in detail so that you have an idea about what to expect. Our experts will help you make an informed choice. Book an appointment with us today.



Body Hair Transplant Clinic

We are a trusted clinic and provide a range of hair transplant services. Our goal is to offer a natural body hair transplant to help you regain your confidence. We make use of state-of-the-art techniques and have a qualified and experienced team for the best possible results. At our body hair transplant clinic, we provide a personalised approach and will help you accomplish your aesthetic goals.
Transplant Treatment

Why Choose Our Body Hair Transplant Treatment?

  • Offers an easy way to promote re-growth
  • Get your hair back and regain your confidence
  • Affordably priced solutions
  • Personalised approach
  • Wide experience in hair transplant


What is The Procedure for Body Hair Transplant

Body hair is different from scalp hair. The number of hairs in every follicular unit is lower. Moreover, the hair quality is different in terms of length and coarseness. The procedure requires precision, and at Atlantis Medical, we provide innovative treatment options to offer results that you are completely satisfied with. The hair follicles are carefully removed from the donor area and implanted into the areas of balding. If you feel that this treatment is suitable for you, connect with us. We are here to answer your queries.
Transplant Treatment

Chest Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant can also be used to get better quality chest hair. The procedure is straightforward and is a good option for people who have lost chest hair due to injury or any other external factor. If you are planning a chest hair transplant and would like to explore the options, get in touch with our team. We can help you feel more confident about yourself with our complete hair transplant services.

Body Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of a transplant varies as it is guided by several factors. The coverage is one factor that will determine the cost. At Atlantis Medical, we have an experienced team and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Based on your body hair transplant requirements, we will suggest the most suitable treatment plan and provide a quote.

Body Hair Transplant Cost

Interested in finding out more about body hair transplants?
Our professional team has been offering body hair transplant services to clients across Melbourne and will be happy to help you out. Book a consultation with us today, and we will help you restore hair growth with our body hair transplant procedures.


Body hair transplant refers to a procedure that involves harvesting hair from an area of the body with dense growth and transplanting it to the scalp. The donor area is usually the chest or the back.
The cost of a body hair transplant varies and is determined by the coverage required. For more information, book an appointment with the experts at Atlantic Medical.
Like any surgical procedure, a body hair transplant can lead to swelling. Complete recovery can take around three weeks. It is important to take good care of the transplanted hair for the best outcome.