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Eyebrow Hair Loss


Eyebrow Thinning / Loss

Eyebrows have been described as your most important facial feature. Eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight some of your best features.


It is common to see women with thin or partially absent eyebrows that are a result of overzealous plucking. Eyebrow loss can also be either congenital in nature or due to scar tissue secondary to physical trauma.


Restoration of the eyebrows generally involves hair transplantation from the scalp to the affected area on the eyebrows to give a fuller natural look. It is essential to have a detailed understanding of eyebrow design as both the shape and the contour of the eyebrow are vital elements for a natural-looking eyebrow.
Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Melbourne

The eyebrows frame the face and can take years off your appearance if crafted correctly! This is where our team at Atlantis Medical are on-call to help you look and feel your best. The current buzzwords in the industry include Eyebrow Transplantation and this is part of the Eyebrow Hair Transplant techniques in which we excel!

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Melbourne

Atlantis Medical are able to create a wide-eyed, but natural, appearance for you, based on the way we perfect our eyebrow hair transplants. You can rest assured that our team are the industry’s best and we only use world-class techniques to create a modern yet natural looking result!
Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Clinic

As time goes by, however, let’s face it; we all produce fewer follicles and at a slower pace, including facially as far as eyebrow growth. For many of our clients, treatments for other issues mean that booking in for an Eyebrow Hair Transplant makes sense and offers greater confidence. Some of our most satisfied clients have had to face treatments for other health issues which may have impacted their body’s own ability to produce fresh follicles and hair growth; this is where we are happy to support your and offer a range of options to keep you looking fresh-faced and ready to face the world as best you can under a variety of life’s changing circumstances.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

On the other hand, many of our clients simply request an updated eyebrow hair transplant because they love staying on-trend.

Imagine the convenience of not having to apply any eyebrow pencil every morning; it’s honestly a breeze and our testimonials prove that many of our clients appreciate the added fullness offered by Atlantis Medical eyebrow treatments.
beautician-doing-microblading-procedure-client-s-eyebrows-Eyebrow Hair Transplant