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General Procedure

There is no ‘cure’ for hair loss. Hair loss is a progressive condition. Medical therapy is designed to stop this progression. But effectively, once you have lost hair, it cannot be grown back.
The only difference between FUE and FUT is how the grafts are ‘harvested’ from the back of the head. There is essentially no difference in outcome in terms of what the result will be. Neither technique is superior to the other. Each has its’ own advantages and disadvantages, and as such it is best to have a consultation to discuss your individual needs and which technique is most appropriate and suited for your needs.
Medication and surgery achieve different things. Medication is designed to stop the progression of hair loss whilst surgery is designed to add hair to a particular area. Both types of therapy work in conjunction to give you the best outcome.
A graft is the natural groupings of hair that is seen on the scalp under a microscope. When we transplant grafts, we are moving these natural groupings one at a time to create a very natural result.
Ofcourse. We treat both men and women. Hair transplant surgery can be very effective at treating female pattern hair loss.
No, we have operated on patients who are in their 9th decade with no issues at all
Since we are transplanting your own tissues, we know that you cannot reject your own tissue. As such, we are confident in our capabilities and of the outcome; and so we guarantee that 90% of transplanted grafts will grow.

Before Procedure

Hairline design is a vital component of any successful hair restoration procedure. During your consultation and on the day of treatment, we will discuss the variety of different hairline options and decide on one that best suits your facial structure and that meets with your satisfaction.

This can vary due to lots of different factors such as area to be covered, existing hair density, skin color, hair color and hair curl to name a few. Each of these facts will influence the graft count to varying degrees. It is best to arrange a consult with our doctor to discuss your individual needs.

It’s really simple. Just give us a call or send us and email and we will call you back. We will have a look at both yours and our schedule and find where the two meet and book it it. You will get a formal quote and all your documentation emailed through to you prior.
No. Leave that to use. We will shave the areas that we need to.

Day Off Procedure

No, the entire procedure is done under local anaesthetic and mild sedation. As such, you will not feel any pain throughout the day.
How long is a piece of string? It will take as long as it needs to take. Each person is an individual, and their hair and skin characteristics will determine in certain cases how long the procedure will go on for. During the consultation, you will be given a rough estimate of how long the procedure is likely to take.
No. Due to the length of the procedure, it would be impractical to be done under a general anesthetic. You are given a light sedative that helps you relax during the procedure and will have well and truly worn off by the end of the surgery.
Whenever you need! If you need to go to the bathroom, we can always stop what we are doing and let you take a quick break.
It really depends on the area where we are transplanting into. Generally, if we are working on the frontal hairline, it is safe to expect some swelling. That said, with new developments in tumescent solutions and the use of sprays and ice post surgery, any swelling is limited and short-lived.
It is generally advisable that a friend or family member picks you up after surgery.

After Procedure

With FUE, there is hardly any discomfort post procedure at all. With FUT, there is some mild discomfort that is easily controlled with simple pain killers.

No. you can lie on your back or sides and sleep comfortably. We will talk you through all your post op requirements at the end of your treatment.

You need to be careful for about 5-7 days after procedure.

Generally, you will start to see new growth around 2-3 months after procedure. Generally to see the final effect, it will take 10-12 months.

Generally after 2 weeks, you will be fine.

Generally with FUE, you can get back to normal routine within a week of surgery. If you have had FUT, you might want to refrain from heavy weightlifting sessions for a couple of weeks in order to let the donor scar heal