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Hair Transplant For Scars


How Does Scarring Happen?

Scars from trauma or facial and scalp treatment can result in permanent hair loss to a particular area that can be very visible and unsightly.

Existing Scars

Scars from treatments or injury on the scalp can sometimes be quite unsightly. The absence of hair in an area becoming all the more visible. Through careful grafting of follicular units, these hairs can be transplanted into pre-existing scars to make them appear less visible.

Non-Healing Wounds

It has been shown that non-healing wounds can heal better if hairs are transplanted into them. Studies have shown that the presence of growth factors and increased blood flow promotes healing.
Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss


hair Transplant for Scars

Did you know that at Atlantis Medical, we also offer treatments focusing on Hair Transplants For Scars? This is a brief overview of how we approach it, using the industry’s best-practices:

1. Firstly, our team of experienced doctors graft hairs (which are still contained within existing follicles) into a scarred-area;

2. Next, over time, the hair will gradually start to take root;

3. After that, the follicles will cover the scar-area and you’ll start to enjoy more hair (where there once may have been a scarred-area.


Hair Restoration Scar

This is a breakthrough for those experiencing scalp-injuries, allowing them the dignity of being able to have a fuller head of natural-looking hair covering sections which were previously scarred. At Atlantis Medical, we can also offer Scar Removal Hair Transplants, plus Hair Replacement Scar treatments, and even Hair Restoration Scar options.

Hair Loss Clinic in Camberwell


Scar Removal in Melbourne

Talk to us about how we can also help you with Scar Removal in Melbourne as our friendly team is ready to assist you with smoothing out any bumps, imperfections, signs of past burns and/or cuts. We understand these can be highly sensitive, emotional and personal issues to discuss, which is why our team give you as much time and support as you may need in approaching these areas of your total self-care.


Treatment Options

Our approach is to empower you and give you as much time as you need while browsing various treatment options and during the process of deciding whether you’d like to access the latest options, whether clinical or tropical, in what we can offer to support you and your needs.