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Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss


Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss

Choosing which type of hair restoration treatment can be overwhelming. You want to be able to access state-of-the-art suggestions regarding your Hair Transplant options right here in Melbourne and we want to take the guesswork out with Atlantis Medical clinical guidance. We are obsessed with perfecting your hair and LLLT Therapy Hair treatments are the next-level option to take you there!


Low Level Laser Therapy Hair

We want you to feel empowered with a range of choices. All our staff are fully qualified and professionally trained in the latest techniques towards optimum Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Loss treatments and we are committed to making sure you feel comfortable from your first interaction with our clinic. We empower you from the get-go with all the information you need for your LLLT Treatment so you can then make your own decisions about how to maximise your hair’s own potential.

LLLT Therapy Hair Loss Treatment

The word is out that if you are looking for an effective LLLT Treatment our renowned Hair Treatment based on extensive experience is the one you can trust at Atlantis Medical.

What is LLLT? (Low Level Laser Therapy?)

Put simply, LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a type of clinical treatment. It is based on applying low-frequency lasers to the dermis (skin.) This process has been shown to not only offer benefits such as pain-relief but to also improve and stimulate cell-function. LLLT Treatments have been shown to slow hair loss and enhance hair growth. Get in touch with us today and find out how it can help you maintain and restore your hair to its former glory!