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Male Hair Loss


Conditions That We Treat.

This is the most common form of hair loss that affects most men and what we commonly refer to when we say that someone is ‘going bald.’.


The thinning of the hair occurs predominantly due to genetic factors which are inherited from both your mother and fathers’ side of the family


There are medications that can be taken to help stop the progression of baldness and be used to stimulate hair growth. Hair Restoration is also a common option to regain more hair into a previously balding area. It is important to see an experienced professional skilled at diagnosing this condition and managing it.

Baldness Treatment

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Are you noticing that not only in the mirror but in candid photos, your hair is not necessarily looking as full and lustrous as it used to? Let’s face it; an unflattering angle can be a little bit confronting! Plus, we are being photographed more now than at any other time in history. How can you stand out from the crowd (but for all the right reasons?) Let our team at Atlantis Medical handle it!

Male Pattern Baldness Medication

There currently exists a plethora of options in terms of selecting the right type of medication for what’s known as “Male Pattern Baldness.” Our friendly team at Atlantis Medical can help you work out which type of medication may suit you. Check in with us and we can help you work out a plan that will also fit in with your budget. On the other hand, upon consultation and further consideration, we are also happy to suggest other treatments if we find ourselves recommending that another option may be even more effective. The current most-popular medications include various brand-names however we want to go through the process of selection with you, step-by-step, to make sure that any medication you may wish to try is suitable for your needs. Call us today or drop us a line for an obligation-free quote!
Hair Transplant Treatment in Melbourne

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Guys, let’s face it; none of us are getting any younger! With each year that slips by, you may be noticing that your hair is thinning and showing that time is passing by, faster than ever! You might even experience premature hair-loss due to heredity and/or stress. We’ve got you covered. Atlantis Medical are Melbourne’s number-one clinic for professional treatment of hair loss for men. We genuinely care about your hair-restoration journey, and we made time for you to ask any questions as and when they arise. Atlantis Medical are ready to chat with you and we can’t wait to see you at our clinic.

Male Hair Loss Clinic

It’s no secret that having a full head of lustrous hair can offer many advantages in a number of settings. Sure, you can go for the “bald eagle” look, but the amount of added maintenance involved with daily shaving is just another grooming-hassle that you don’t need! The feedback we receive from our delighted clientele is that their self-confidence dramatically improves after they complete their hair-restoration experience with Atlantis Medical. Our teams are fully qualified and ready to listen to you.
Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss Treatment Melbourne

So many of our satisfied clients are recommending us to their friends; we are super-excited to share the latest in hair-restoration techniques with you too! Stand out from the crowd and express your style with that full head of hair you used to take for granted or treat any conditions such as alopecia with confidence. Our team is ready to help you and we always maintain your privacy as just another part of our complete professionalism.

Think about it: dating, job-interviews, school and college reunions, weddings, family gatherings…You name it! You know how good it feels when you look your best. You can face the crowd with renewed self-confidence due to our team’s wealth of experience in restoring your hair to its former glory. Pick up the phone or drop us a line. You’ve earned it, so why not treat yourself?

Male pattern hair loss

Male Hair Loss