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Styling Your Eyebrows After a Transplant Tips and Techniques

Like everything else, eyebrows are subjected to the trends and whims of fashion in Australia. If your eyebrows have been plucked off, have grown slowly, have been damaged by burns, or have been impacted by sickness, an eyebrow transplant in Melbourne may help. Like how a hair transplant may return hair to the crown of your head, an eyebrow hair transplant can add hair to your brow. What’s the best thing, then? Once the transplanted hair has adequately grown, styling your eyebrows is an option.

If you choose to undergo an eyebrow hair transplant, you should know one thing. You should adjust the way you groom and shape your brows. This is because the care for eyebrows following a transplant differs from the maintenance for the hair that naturally grows there. You may need to work on maintaining the brow’s grooming because it will behave like the hair on your head, which serves as the donor area.

Things to Remember After an Eyebrow Transplantation

The hair implanted in the brows differs from the hair that naturally grows there. Thus, it requires timely trimming. The results of an eyebrow transplant take time to show, just like with any other hair transplant. There will also be a moment when people lose their hair. After this stage, hair grows back.

Let’s examine what more you need to know after having your eyebrows transplanted to achieve the finest possible results.

Wait For New Growth

Like any other hair transplant, the results of an eyebrow transplant take time to become visible. According to how full you want your brows to be, the expert may transplant 50 to 600 hair transplants during the procedure. After the treatment, a crust typically develops over the implanted hair. This crust and any redness or swelling should disappear within a few days.

Keep Your Eyebrow Hair Trimmed

The hair on your scalp and the hair on your eyebrows are different. You will need to teach your transplanted scalp hair to act like brow hair to transplant hair from the back of your scalp into your brows. The skilled experts at Atlantis Medical in Melbourne will perform the rest while they do transplants. The transplanted hairs will be positioned to develop in a pattern like how brow hairs typically grow.

Pluck With Care Post Eyebrow Transplantation

Can we pluck transplanted eyebrow hairs? – is a common query many people have. The answer to this depends on a few factors. It’s acceptable to remove a few stray brow hairs on occasion. Nonetheless, it’s advised not to go overboard. The doctors at the eyebrow transplant clinic in Melbourne advise patients to wait for a little before plucking their brow hairs after transplant rather than doing it immediately. Try not to remove too many hairs, even after a few days, as this may damage the outcome of the eyebrow transplantation.

Post-Transplant Eyebrow Shaping and Styling

You can style the transplanted eyebrow hair once it has grown like your natural eyebrows. You can carefully remove stray hairs by using a brow comb. The region can be filled in and the eyebrows can be shaped with eyebrow pencils.

Wrapping Up

Depending on the amount of hair loss, you can choose to have an eyebrow transplant for both or just one of your brows. The procedure is not only appropriate for those who pick an eyebrow shape and density that is in style. But it is equally suitable for those who have lost a portion of their eyebrow due to medication or an accident.

If you are looking for an expert eyebrow hair transplant clinic in Melbourne, Atlantis Medical is happy to help.