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Washing Your Hair After Hair Restoration A Complete Guide

Those experiencing hair loss or baldness often turn to FEU (Follicular Unit Transfer) hair transplants in Melbourne. This clinical process involves transplanting hair from one place to another as a hair restoration alternative. Educating oneself about FEU hair transplant process or seeing a professional before beginning the treatment is advisable because it can be complicated depending on the circumstances. The process of FUE hair transplant involves multiple steps. It’s crucial to shampoo your hair after getting a transplant. Yet, how people care for their hair after procedure is crucial to the success of a hair transplant. We have answered a frequently asked question concerning washing your hair after restoration below to assist you.

Ways To Wash Your Hair After FEU Hair Transplant

After restoration, one must take the proper precautions when washing their hair. Washing your hair is essential to the FUE recovery and aftercare process. On the fourth day after treatment, you can consider washing your hair. Here are a few things you must keep in mind:

· Lotion should be applied to the transplanted region for 15 to 30 minutes. The lotion helps to remove blood traces and promotes quicker healing by smoothing the skin around the donor location and implanted grafts. Wash the scalp with warm water after 15 to 30 minutes.

· Next, a medicated shampoo is used for bathing the donor and transplanted areas. Apply a tiny amount of shampoo to the scalp and lather it up to do this.

· After shampooing, gently towel dry your hair. Be careful not to rub. When the scalp feels dry, moisturiser should be used. If dryness persists between hair washes, moisturiser may also be used.

· You have 14 days to start shampooing your hair post-FEU hair transplant. After that, you can even wash your hair more than once daily if necessary.

· Please ensure that any hair products you buy don’t contain silicone, perfume or colours.

Hair Products to Use After FUE Hair Transplant

According to Atlantis Medical in Melbourne experts, baby shampoo should be used for the first few weeks after repair. Baby shampoo is delicate and excellent for reducing irritation in the transplant area because it can be sensitive. Wash it after combining baby shampoo and water in a cup. Natural hair products that are helpful for hair after restoration, aside from baby shampoo, include:

· Coconut Oil

· Avocado Oil

· Argan Oil

· Teatree Oil

· Peppermint Oil

Post hair transplant, can you massage your scalp while washing your hair?

After FEU hair transplant, patients are instructed to wait ten days before massaging their scalp for the first time. They still need to massage lightly even then. The scalp needs at least ten days to recover from the effects of the procedure, which is the reason. The likelihood of the transplanted hair follicles becoming damaged increases if you don’t wait the recommended ten days.

When can you typically wash your hair post-hair restoration?

There shouldn’t be any more signs of dried blood after around 7 to 10 days. After at least 14 days, you can resume regular hair washing. If necessary, washing the hair more than once daily is also an option. Always consult your doctor before taking any crucial step post-transplant.

Are you interested in getting an FUE hair transplant?

Feel free to visit our hair clinic if you’re considering getting a hair transplant but are still unsure of when you can resume your job. Our hair transplant doctors are pleased to discuss your treatment choices with you and outline the ideal timing for you to resume work. With Atlantis Medical, the leading FUE hair transplant clinic in Melbourne, growing your natural hair is an exciting and real prospect.