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PRP Treatment For Hair


PRP Hair Restoration at Atlantis Medical

Learning more about state-of-the-art suggestions regarding your Hair Transplant options about whether or not PRP therapy is easy with Atlantis Medical and our staff.

We are serious about sharing everything we know with our loyal clientele. If we think PRP is the best option for you, we are more than happy to put the time in to explain every aspect of this suggestion. We also want to help you save on the potential costs too!

Why is everyone talking about PRP?

PRP Treatment is a buzz-phrase in hair treatment at the moment and Atlantis Medical are leading the way in the best ways to implement PRP.

PRP Hair Restoration

Effective Hair Treatment is based on a range of factors, including compatibility with your skin, your age-group, your budget and your desired outcomes.

PRP Treatment Melbourne

Put simply, PRP refers to “platelet-rich plasma” treatments for hair thinning and hair loss. It’s a three-step process:

  • A small portion of a client’s blood is extracted;
  • The sample is then processed appropriately;
  • The blood is then injected into the client’s scalp.

Many hair-care industry professionals have identified that PRP injections give a “kick-start” effect to natural hair-growth.

PRP Hair Treatment Melbourne

The concept is that the hair growth is then maintained by the increased blood supply having been promulgated to the hair follicle.

PRP Treatment For Hair

Thicker hair shafts have been noted as a positive after-effect in many cases. Some professionals also prefer to combine PRP with other methodologies to achieve maximum hair growth and restoration.

Contraindicators for PRP Treatment

Your GP may suggest that other types of hair restoration might suit you more closely instead of PRP if you are currently:

  • Taking blook-thinning medication;
  • A fairly heavy smoker;
  • Someone with a background which includes use of particular substances and/or heavier than usual alcohol intake;
  • Someone living with specific ailments (which you can cover with your GP ahead for clarification.)

PRP Treatment For Hair in Melbourne

If your GP is confident that PRP could be effective and safe for you, we at Atlantis Medical are super-excited to take your call or hear from you via email! Get ahead of the curve and find out if this could be part of the new you. We can’t wait to hear from you and find out how we can support you!